Part 3

After two hard days of hiking and searching for the Smell Sticker factory, the three gather around a camp fire and settle down to sleep on the second night. After eating a sandwich Happy Allie’s mom had packed for her, Happy Allie gets sleepy. She pulls out her diary and writes about her adventurous day. She reclines on her blanket and looks up at the stars in the night sky. Happy Allie thinks to herself that Fancy and Wishes are great companions, but they, like her, don’t know how to get to the factory. Happy Allie sighs and whispers into the darkness, “Isn’t there anyone out there that can help us find our way?”. As she drifts off to sleep, she sees something fly across the shadow of the moon. What was that? Oh, well, she’s too tired to think now. She squeezes Wishes as she falls asleep.

Happy Allie is awakened by a strange buzzing noise in her ear. She swats at her ear a few times, but the buzzing will not go away. She opens her eyes to see what type of insect is ruining her sleep. But it’s not an insect. It’s not an insect at all! Happy Allie can’t believe her eyes. It’s a fairy. A real live fairy!

The fairy speaks in a pretty loud voice for such a small creature. “Hi, I’m Felicity,” she shrieks. “What’s your name?”

After the shock wears off, Happy Allie introduces herself. She explains that she, Fancy and Wishes are on a search for Stickerland. Felicity says that she already knew that, that she heard Happy Allie’s wish last night for someone to help her. “That is why I’m here,” Felicity says. Happy Allie’s smile is bigger than ever. “You know where the Smell Sticker factory is??”

Felicity answers, “Oh yes, and I will take you there….”

Smell Sticker Story - Beginning

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