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Super gift ideas for kids

Sometimes kids are the hardest family members to please when it comes to holiday or birthday gifts. How can you give a gift that is fun and interesting for the child, yet won’t break the bank and will last past the week? Here are some excellent ideas for practical, affordable gifts, specifically for children.


Board Games


Board games are great for all ages, but for kids, they are an especially good idea. Board games become a fantastic way get the family together for quality time with the child. Stick to the classics for young children and older children, with such favorites as Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, Uno, Life and Sorry. You simply can’t go wrong with a board game as gift, and it’s perfect for both boys and girls.


Crafts and Hobby Sets


Few children will be unhappy with a crafty gift. Craft gifts are a great way to engage the senses, get the child interested in art, science, cooking, sewing, building or a myriad of other useful and engaging activities. Some crafty ideas include clay, art sets, cookbooks, children’s cooking sets, science kits, garden kits, calligraphy and writing sets, jewelry making kits, sticker sets, sand art kits, vehicle or airplane model kits and many other options. Just head down to your local hobby store and you’ll find many options for a crafty gift.




Most kids love to read, or at least be read to, so another practical gift is a book. You have many options in this area. From the classics to Little Golden Books to activity books to the latest children’s bestsellers, there will be a book for every child, no matter the age or interest.




Just about every kid loves music, whether to listen to or make it themselves. A music gift may even inspire the Mozart in the child and spark an interest that lasts their entire lives. Consider an electronic keyboard, children’s size guitar, small drums or congas or hand instruments like the triangle, maracas or even a harmonica.


More Ideas


Another idea to consider is a money bank, with which the child can learn how to count and save money. For the video game enthusiast, how about a bean bag chair, kid’s love ‘em and the chair can be easily moved from room to room. A digital camera is also a great idea. They make digital cameras specifically for kids nowadays, which have simple controls and are more rugged. They also make video cameras for kids. If you have a budding director on your hands, a video camera is a perfect gift and allows them to be as creative as they want. Another gift idea is a magazine subscription. Kids love to receive mail and a magazine subscription allows them to receive mail of their own and they may also learn something. Fun magazines for kids include National Geographic for Kids, Time for Kids, Nick, Cricket, Spider, BabyBug, Tracks, RangerRick, ZooBooks, Kids Discover, Jack and Jill, Your Big Backyard and the old stalwart, Highlights.

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