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Over the last 6 years, I have attempted to locate a company that produces matte scratch and sniff stickers. After repeated searches, however, it is evident that this company does not exist. My goal was to become that company, the first company in over 20 years to create an all new line of scratch and sniff stickers. The ultimate goal was to bring the stickers back into the marketplace for anyone who’s wished the stickers would come back, for anyone who did not even realize how much they missed them, and for those people who have yet to discover the magic of scented stickers.

So is that all this blog is going to be about, scratch and sniff stickers?!? No! The goals and direction of has spread and grown substantially. Although scratch and sniff stickers are a pleasant diversion, there’s a lot more to life than stickers! (uh, really?). What do you enjoy doing? Scrapbooking? What’s your favorite hobby? Do you like crafts and collecting? Then this website is for you.

The website will be an eclectic mix of many subjects, but primarily aimed towards parents and children. Enjoy our articles and check our blog often!

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