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It has been said that Happiness is the fulfillment of one’s childhood dreams. As a 30-something person who grew up in the 1980’s, I can remember the absolute glee of returning from recess to find that coveted scratch and sniff sticker placed on my handwriting test. What scent did I get this time? Popcorn? Strawberry? I can’t wait to see! I was in Mrs. Santulli’s 2nd grade class, and as far as I was concerned, Mrs. Santulli had to be an angel. Why? Because only an angel could give me that sticker, that little piece of heaven. I still own some of those stickers, and when I smell them, my mind travels back to that happy time. Ever smell a perfume and it reminds you of someone special? Or remember the smell of your grandma’s apple pie. Our sense of smell is amazing. My vision is to help recreate happy memories for those of us who remember scratch and sniff stickers, and to help create new memories. My childhood dream was to own a “smell sticker” factory. Now I can make that dream a reality. I can create products that make other people happy, all the while fulfilling my own childhood dream doing something I am passionate about.

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